Things You Do Which Can Ruin Your Electric Meter





Every power consumer has an electric meter. It is the regulation that power companies impose in order to accurately calculate the power consumption and charge the consumers with the appropriate electric bill. There are advanced electric meters from Smart Process which provide more detailed reading including interval reading which can even be sent directly to the power company. With such importance of electric meters, it is only right for power consumers to take care of their electric meter. Though power consumers do not intend to damage their electric meter, they might still end up damaging the meter by accident. Here are the things that you might do which can ruin your electric meter.


1.           Apply blunt force – Though electric meters are built to last for several years and even decades, it will still get damaged if you apply a blunt force. Electric meters damaged by external force is even common nowadays with most new meters are built from plastic materials.


2.           Open protection case – Protection case is installed to protect the interior parts of the electric meter. If you open the protection covering, you will risk damaging the electric meter as external factors can easily penetrate the meter.


3.           Tampers the electric meter – If you are still using the electric meter, it is never a good idea to tamper with the meter. Electric meters are carefully designed by manufacturers and a single part misplaced or broken can affect the condition of the meter. Power companies also impose severe penalties for power consumers who tampered their meters.


4.           Exposes electric meter with a strong magnetic field – Most devices and expensive appliances like portable ACs will get damaged if exposed in a strong magnetic field. Electric meter is one of those devices. An electric meter exposed in a strong magnetic field will usually provide inaccurate reading. It is better to switch the meter right away if it happens.


5.           Exposes electric meter with a corroding substance – There are a lot of corroding substances which can damage most materials. If your electric meter gets into contact with a corroding substance, the outer casing could get damaged and exposes the interior part of the meter. There are even instances which the interior parts are damaged by the corroding substance if left unattended.


Do not try to do random things with your electric meter to avoid damaging it. In case the electric meter is damaged, make sure to call your power company or supplier so they can send a technician to check the condition of your electric meter and replace it if necessary.