Finding the Best Kohler Toilet

 You can’t go wrong with a classic design. Of course sometimes classic designs can also be enhanced using modern technology to create something revolutionary. That’s the impetus behind Kohler. If you need a two-piece toilet, a one-piece toilet, or a touchless flush toilet Kohler will have the toilet for you. 

What Makes Kohler Toilets so Great?

One thing that makes Kohler toilets great is that you can find the right toilet for you at the right price. They also come with some of the best features around including dual-flush mode. This allows you to choose for yourself just how much water is used in each flush. Kohler toilets give you chance to find the most efficient and comfortable toilets. You can even find wall-mounted toilets. No matter what you need out of a toilet you can find it with a Kohler toilet.

Kohler Toilet Benefits

Kohler make the ultimate bathroom fixture for your home. While a Kohler toilet follows the classic design (says Toiletable) they have managed to perfect the design and creation process to give you an incredible toilet at an incredible price. Kohler toilets allow you to alter the water flow speed, give you new ways to flush the toilet such as touchless models, and they are cheap and easy to maintain. Some people might be turned off by the fact that Kohler continue to use 2-inch canister valves and trapways. This means that they aren’t as fast as other toilets but they are still more efficient. The water speed is controlled to provide maximum velocity. Kohler toilets are also super quick and easy to install. Your Kohler toilet will quickly become a long-standing and reliable fixture in your home.

How to Find the Best Kohler Toilets

When you’re choosing a Kohler toilet you just need to set your budget and find a great toilet that fits it. They have models that can suit every budget. Even their most basic and cheap model comes with full functionality. You can also upgrade and buy a modern toilet that can add a lot to your home. If you have limited space then you should consider buying one of the low-profile, practically tank-free toilets Kohler makes. They might be a little too big for your half-bathroom but they still give you everything you need from a toilet. Kohler also apply lots of different finishes to their toilets that allow you to choose a toilet that matches the rest of your bathroom. You don’t need to stick with the classic white look. You can find a great toilet in gray if you’d prefer or any other color. There’s no need to compromise!

How Much do Kohler Toilets Cost?

The great thing about Kohler toilets is that they are some of the most affordable toilets you can find today. Many of their toilets currently cost less than $400 on Amazon and even the more advanced models still cost less than $1,000. No matter which model you go for you’re guaranteed to get a quality bathroom fixture that will last you for years to come. One of the more expensive models is the Trellis which comes in at over $2,000. Even so $400 is still the average price for a Kohler toilet with many models falling around that price.

Now that you know the benefits of Kohler toilets all that’s left is to find one in your budget and give your bathroom that finishing touch that it’s been craving! Remember that Kohler toilets fit any bathroom and any budget, no matter what it is.