How to Replace Broken Shed Window With Plastic

We all know that the shed windows made of glass break rather easily, and when such a thing happens, all we need to do is replace the plastic shed windows. This is something that pretty much anyone can do, and does not require that much time, money or even effort. However, replacing a broken glass window with a new glass window might just be a fool’s errand, and that is why you really ought to replace it with a more durable window that is less prone to breaking – the plastic!

Tools You’ll Need

In order to replace the window, you need to know that you’ve got all the tools you’ll need right there next to you. These tools include a measuring tape, a pair of heavy-duty gloves, a razor blade, windows putty, and the plastic you’re going to use.

Preparing the Window

First, you have to get rid of all the pieces of broken glass. Make sure you’re wearing the heavy-duty gloves while you’re removing the glass from the window frame; first the bigger pieces and only then the smaller ones. If some pieces won’t come out, then just duct tape the pane on the outer side of the shed and punch the glass out with a hammer or anything else you can find. Make sure you protect your eyes while you’re doing that.

Then, you’ll have to remove the trim of putty that has been holding the glass within the frame. Use a stiff knife and just scrape off the putty. Make sure you remove all of it, and do this slowly and gently; you don’t want to damage the frame of the window!

Installing the Plastic

Now that you’ve prepared the window, you can start replacing the glass. Of course, you’ll first have to see if the plastic is of the right size. Make sure you measure it with a measuring tape, and try to be as accurate as possible. Measure the window at least twice, just to be safe. Of course, it is always better just to get your plastic cut by a professional. Just take the plastic, together with your measurements to the hardware store; and who knows; perhaps they already have pre-cut plastic if you have a standard-sized window.

Once the plastic has been cut, make sure you apply a generous amount of putty on the frame. However, make sure it’s not too thick. Try to shape the putty as nice as possible; use either your fingers or a knife to do that. Make sure that there aren’t any gaps, and that the putty runs completely unbroken from one corner of the frame to another. Then, take the plastic and press it into the newly-laid putty. Do this gently, and support the plastic with your fingers in order for it not to fall out.

The Finishing Touch

All that’s left now is to apply some more putty to make sure that the window is waterproof and that the plastic won’t fall out. Make sure you shape the putty nicely, in a downwards angle in order to allow the raindrops to run off of it. And that’s it; you’ve successfully replaces a glass window with plastic. Most experts agree that the acrylic is the best form of plastic for these kinds of windows, so try and find it, and your new shed window should look better than ever!